Fiber Optics - Update October 2015
The Electric Division has completed the 288 count 11 mile fiber loop along with connecting the City owned facilities within the loop area. This loop was designed to link our major City owned facilities with our own communication infrastructure, saving on cost and it is performing as designed. This loop also provide a more reliable link to our major electric and natural gas delivery stations with our state of the art SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System), this system monitors our electrical and natural gas distribution and sends alerts if a problem arises with either of these services. Along with connecting City facilities the City is offering the dark fiber that we are not currently using to be leased at a very competitive rate, also data storage is available in our state of the art mini-data center. To date we have one industry that is taking advantage of this technology.

New Gas Lines - Update October 2015
The Natural Gas division has been has completed the Natural Gas line expansions in the Canterbury Road Neighborhood as well as an extension on Brook Road in our Oak Grove Community. They have also completed expansions on Camelot Court, Phifer Circle and Phifer Road If you live in these areas or near these areas and are interested in Natural Gas as a service, please contact our Natural Gas Division. The Natural Gas Division is also looking to expand along Chestnut Ridge Road and Ware Road in the near future.

Smart Grid - Update October 2015
The Energy Services Department along with several other departments has been working on a Smart Meter, Smart Grid as a solution project. This project has been completed and we are beginning to see the savings that this new technology is bringing to our City. Please contact our Billing Department at City Hall to get signed up to view your data so that you may begin to manage your usage.

Like any new technology there is always apprehension as to whether it is safe or not, The City, specifically the Energy Services Divisions what's to assure our citizens that this technology has been thoroughly researched by experts in the field and found to be safer than an electronic baby monitor. Also, this technology is only giving us information that we would have been able to gather without the network solution, by simply going to the meter and getting a read. It is less intrusive because we are no longer going into backyards on a regular basis to read meters. Should you have any questions please contact our Energy Services Division at 704-730-2125.

Public Energy Week - October 2015
Each year the City of Kings Mountain participates in Public Energy Week. This is a week to showcase our Energy Services Staff. This year is a very special week of celebration in that we are honoring one of our own. Recently a member of our staff's wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and being that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we will be wearing pink in her honor. Our slogan for the month is "Standing Strong for One of Our Own".
The month of October will kick off our Energy Awareness programs with visits to the local schools and many other activities. If you have a group that would like to schedule a presentation on Energy Awareness please contact our Natural Gas Division at 704-734-4516.
NC811 Award - "City of Kings Mountain Energy Services Chosen as an NC811 Safe Digging Partner"
Greensboro, NC -June 8, 2015
NC811 began a Safe Digging Partner program in April of 2015. The program signifies a commitment to help prevent damages to buried utilities. To become a partner, all that's needed is to sign a pledge to 'Call 811 Before You Dig'. NC811 will provide safe digging partner stickers to place on vehicles and equipment in order to spread the 811 message to the public. Each month NC811 will choose a Safe Digging Partner that exemplifies this commitment and will spotlight them with recognition.
NC811 Award
The City of Kings Mountain Energy Services was chosen as the Safe Digging Partner for May. Ann Rushing, Education Manager with NC811, stated, "The City of Kings Mountain Energy Services has committed to attending the Foothills Utility Coordinating Committee meetings each month to promote safety standards, to discuss common concerns and to advocate awareness of unnecessary utility infrastructure damages within Cleveland County." Chase Gibson, a natural gas locator, will be serving as the Secretary for the Foothills Utility Coordinating Committee. Darryl Philbeck, Natural Gas Division foreman, having seen the value in protecting their facilities has encouraged his employees to take active roles in damage prevention. Several banners and 811 signage have been placed on all their regulator stations to remind everyone to 'Call 811 Before You Dig'. "This is truly the type of Safe Digging Partner that NC811 is looking for: The commitment to making the Call to 811, Waiting the required time, Respecting the Marks, and Digging Safely," stated Ann Rushing.