community Planning & Economic Development

The Planning Department administers and implements programs that involve land uses either in the city or the extraterritorial land use jurisdiction area.

The planning functions include the facilitating of the activities of the Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment, and Historic Landmark Commission. Other duties are long-range planning, subdivision ordinance administration, economic development, technical review, geographic information services, grant development and administration, industrial development incentive grants and downtown investment incentive grants.

Expansion and Amendment to the Kings Mountain Blvd Overlay District

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 6:00 PM in City Hall the City Council will hold a public hearing on an expansion of the Kings Mountain Boulevard Overlay Protection District as well as changes to the requirements and exclusions from the overlay district.

A map of current overlay districts and the proposed expansion area may be found here. The full text of the overlay as well as proposed changes are contained in this packet.