Roadside, Limbs & Leaves

Bulk trash and furniture are picked up on Fridays. The city is not responsible for picking up any building or remodeling materials (including but not limited to: lumber, bricks, plaster, roofing materials, fence wire, boards with nails, rocks, sand, dirt, carpeting, and concrete).

Limbs are picked up Monday through Friday each week on a route. Limbs should be placed behind the curb for pick up and should not exceed 5' length by 4" diameter. Not more than one (1) pile 3 feet wide by 3 feet high by 5 feet long will be picked up per week per residence. Branches and trimmings cut by commercial landscape or tree service contractors will not be picked up by the city and should be removed by the contractor.

Loose leaves and grass trimmings will be vacuumed from the beginning of November until the middle of February each year. Leaves must be bagged for pickup at any other time. Leaves should be placed behind the curb and never in the roadway. 

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