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June 6, 2019 8:00 AM

Scheduled Power Outage June 17

Early Monday morning, June 17th from 1:00am – 4:00am (3 hours) the City’s Electric Division has a scheduled power outage at our Gaston Street Substation. This time frame was selected to minimize the adverse effects to our customers and business owners.

This outage will affect the majority of the City. The way the circuits at the substation are constructed, it will be impossible to effectively notify everyone that it will or will not effect. We ask that everyone prepare and expect to lose power during this window. Please see our preparation tips listed below.

Do not call 911 for information regarding the power outage. Do call 911 if you have an emergency. If you have questions prior to the outage contact our Energy Services Electric Division at 704-730-2125.

Why the outage:
1. Replacement of a major mechanical three phase switch in the substation that has failed and is a major component of our operations.
2. Provide maintenance of key substation components that can only be performed while de-energized.

If you have or use a generator, be certain it is installed properly! Backfeed into utility lines create a safety hazard for utility personnel.

Tips to prepare for a Scheduled Power Outage:
• Keep mobile phones charged prior to the outage.
• Keep a flashlight and extra batteries available.
• Keep a battery in your alarm clock or set your alarm on your mobile phone.
• Have a contingency plan for any electrically powered equipment necessary for medical conditions.
• Turn off and unplug sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions and computers.
• During the outage refrain from opening refrigerator and freezer doors to maintain temperature.
• If you have to drive during this outage use caution. Some traffic signals may be out. Treat them as a stop sign.
• Determine if your home phone will work in a power outage. Older analog phones will not work without power.

After the outage:
Wait a few minutes before turning on major electric equipment and appliances. This will help eliminate problems that could occur if there is a sharp increase in demand immediately after power is restored.

If you think that electric power has been restored to your area (or the window of the outage has passed) but you are still without power, call Energy Services Electric Division at 704-730-2125.

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