Inspections & Codes

The Inspections & Code Department’s mission statement is, "Safeguarding Our Community Through Code Compliance."  We are here to assist our community and citizens with the following services:

  • Building Code Enforcement  (including permitting and inspections)
  • Community Appearance Ordinance
  • Junked and Nuisance Vehicle Ordinance
  • Minimum Housing Ordinance
  • Non-Residential Maintenance Ordinance

Apply for all building permit applications online! To submit an application click the OPENGOV link below.




Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the office hours? Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

How do I schedule an inspection? Log into your OPENGOV account and schedule inspections for any of your active records or you may call the Inspections & Codes Department at 704-734-4599.

What is the turn around time for an inspection? Inspections scheduled before 3:30 p.m. will be performed the next business day. 

Can I request a specific time for an inspection? An AM or PM timeframe may be requested when scheduling an inspection. When scheduling an inspection, the contractor may request the inspector call to give a more specific timeframe, if so the inspector will call before 8:00 AM. The contractor may also call the inspector before 8:00 AM the morning of the inspection for a more specific timeframe. To request an "on-time" inspection, please contact the Inspection & Codes Department at 704-734-4599 to schedule and pay an "on-time" inspection fee. 

How will I know if my inspection passed or failed? A failed inspection notice will be left at the jobsite if the contractor or owner is not present during an inspection. You may also log into your OPENGOV account and view inspection results for any of your active records.

When do I need a lien agent?  Learn more about Lien Agent Information

How do I obtain a lien agent?  Learn more about obtaining a lien agent

How do I get approval to occupy and/or change an utility account for an existing commercial building?  Learn more about occupancy

How do I submit plans for review? Plans can be hand delivered or mailed to: 
Inspections & Codes Department 
1013 N. Piedmont Ave. Kings Mountain, NC 28086

How many sets of plans are required to be submitted for commercial plan review? NEW BUILDINGS AND ADDITIONS: (2) complete sets including civil/site plans and (5) additional sets of civil/site plans.  All other projects require (3) complete sets unless otherwise noted. Fire Protection projects require (2) sets of plans.

What is the turn around time for a commercial plan review?  Typically 1 to 3 weeks.

What do I need to know about Asbestos? The City of Kings Mountain is not responsible for testing, abatement or disposal of materials containing asbestos during demolition of structures. This is solely the permit applicants responsibility. Learn more about asbestos requirements.

How can I access the building codes?  Learn more about building codes here.

How do I request an informal review of an inspection decision? Download an internal review request form if you wish to dispute an inspection decision made by an inspector. Submit this form to the Inspections & Codes Manager by email or deliver to the inspections department.

How can I get permanent electrical service prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy? Fill out the Pre Final Electric Application form and then submit to the Codes Department.

What are the fees for a permit/plan review? Fee Schedule.  NOTE: Permit fees for new construction are calculated by utilizing the latest February publishing of the Building Valuation Data (BVD) as provided by the International Code Council (ICC) in conjunction with the Fee Schedule. Learn more about the Building Valuation Data.

How do I file a Minimum Housing, Community Appearance or Junk Vehicle complaint? You may submit a complaint ONLINE or by visiting the Inspections & Codes Department located at 1013 N. Piedmont Ave. Kings Mountain, NC 28086.