Fiber Optics Division

Fiber optics have been installed in Kings Mountain by the city. This project was a collaboration between the Energy Services Department and the Information Technology Department to reduce the city's cost in providing communication between city buildings and utility infrastructure. It has not only reduce cost but allowed us to operate at a much higher data speeds and with a higher availability.

Dark Fiber Leasing
The city now offers leasing of dark fiber to those businesses or industries who wish to utilize the same benefits. "Dark Fiber" allows for connectivity, no services are provided. By leasing Dark Fiber from the city we can assist you with building connectivity, last mile fiber to the carrier of your choice, or even connectivity to off-site data storage in our data center.

We have installed an extremely reliable state-of-the-art fiber network that we are excited to have put in place. For those who have an interest in leasing any dark fibers in our area, please do not hesitate to call and ask for the Energy Services Director or the Information Technology Director at 704-734-4612.
City of Kings Mountain Energy Services Fiber Division
An up close look at a piece of 288-count fiber optic cable and its many layers.