Solid Waste

Holiday Schedules 

The city employees are given 11 holiday days off to spend time with their families. Click on the 2023 Holiday Schedule link at the bottom of this page to see a schedule for the Holiday week. 


Each residence inside the city limits is provided with one 95-gallon green roll-out container for household trash.  These containers are the property of the City of Kings Mountain and are assigned to a specific residence. 

Containers damaged during the normal collection service of the city should be reported to the Public Works office at 704-734-0735.  


 You may purchase an additional roll-out garbage container at your cost of $68 per container. Please see the instructions below to apply for an additional container through the online OpenGov portal. 


When adding additional containers, the landfill fee on your utility bill will increase by $15.00 for each additional container for residential customers. 

Household trash is collected Monday through Thursday each week on a scheduled route.  All trash including recyclables should be bagged prior to placement in your rollout container.  Only trash that fits will be collected.

All recyclable materials should be bagged and placed in your green container along with the regular trash for collection on the scheduled pick-up day.

Those who wish to continue recycling can carry the recyclables, sorted by paper, plastic, and aluminum to the County Dump Site at 1127 Oak Grove rd. and place them in the appropriate bin.

The roll-out container should be placed at the curb free from any obstruction prior to your scheduled collection and removed promptly.  The Solid Waste crew will not be return to empty any cans after your street has been serviced. 

For additional items, bags, boxes, appliances, furniture and bulk items, please schedule in advance.  Rates are $20.00 per 1/2-ton load.     

For larger collections, a 1.5-ton (3 cubic yard) dumpster bag can be rented for a fee of $86.00.  This cost covers landfill fees, the bag, and crew to collect the bag.   

To schedule a collection: 

To pay with cash or check, please visit the Public Works office.

If using a credit or debit card, follow the instructions in the "CURBSIDE COLLECTION" tab below.  The collection will be entered into the work order system and scheduled for pickup as quickly as the crew is available to do so, usually 1-2 days.    



The link to the OpenGov portal is located at the very bottom of this page.



Commercial/Industrial Customers inside the City Limits of Kings Mountain are required by City Code to use the City Sanitation Department for their trash pick-up as available.

95-gallon roll-out containers are available at cost and would be picked up each week along with the nearest residential route. Commercial dumpsters are also available in four-yard, six-yard and eight-yard capacities and would be picked-up on the customers requested schedule. You can visit or call the Public Works office for pricing or view the City Web Page under Billing Department / Billing Rates / Landfill Rates.  Commercial dumpsters are for trash only.  Any materials resulting from an industrial or manufacturing process are strictly prohibited.