Vacant Building Registration

It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner of any non-residential premises to see that said premises under the control of the owner are maintained to minimize the appearance of vacancy and prevent the appearance of blight or neglect in accordance with the following sections.

  •      The purpose of this registration ordinance is to ensure that owners of vacant properties are known to the city and other interested parties and can be reached if necessary.
  •      To ensure that owners of vacant properties are aware of the obligations of ownership under relevant codes and regulations.
  •      To ensure that owners meet minimum standards of maintenance of vacant properties.
  •      The intent is to preserve the integrity of the district from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance and security of abandoned and vacant properties and to 
  • prevent the appearance of vacancy or neglect of unoccupied properties.   The city desires to deter crime and theft of materials, to minimize loss of property value to vacant properties and surrounding occupied properties.

         To reduce the risk of damage from fire, flooding or other hazards, and to promote the comfort, happiness and emotional stability of area residents.

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           A copy of the ordinance can be found here