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Bid Title: RFQ for a Parks and Rec Master Plan
Category: Formal Bids
Status: Closed


City of Kings Mountain Request for Qualifications for Parks and Recreation Master Plan


The City of Kings Mountain (city) is conducting a qualification-based selection process for consultant to lead the development of a Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  Interested firms are invited to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for consideration no later than 12:00 PM on October 13, 2023.

The goal of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to guide the development of new parks, open space, trails, recreation facilities and programs, as well as the management and improvements to existing facilities for the next 20 years.


Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Kings Mountain is a city that beautifully blends small-town charm with rich history.  Known for its pivotal role in the Revolutionary War, the city is a haven for history enthusiasts.  The downtown area, home to quaint brick buildings and tree-lined streets, is home to a variety of shops, eateries, and community events.  

The city’s natural beauty is also a major draw, boasting ample views of nearby Crowder’s Mountain and Kings Pinnacle, both of which are within the adjacent Crowder’s Mountain State Park.  Additionally, the city owns John Henry Moss Lake, which not only provides recreational activities, but also provides Kings Mountain’s water supply.  The city also owns two smaller lakes south of town.

Other existing parks and recreation facilities include the city’s downtown flagship Patriots Park, Gateway Trail, Jake Early Sports Complex, Kings Mountain Family YMCA, Davidson Park, and several scattered neighborhood parks.

Kings Mountain is ideally located 20 miles west of Charlotte and the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, at the intersection of US Highway 74 and Interstate 85.  Home to the Catawba Two Kings Casino and the nation’s only hard rock lithium mine, Kings Mountain is poised for extraordinary growth in the coming years.

Project Description

The Master Plan will serve to optimize the city’s existing parks and recreation resources and assets, as well as strategically plan for their management and expansion as the city grows, in order to contribute to the health of its citizens, enhance the integrity and quality of the natural environment, and attract visitors to the community.  

The master plan will be managed by city staff including the Director of Cultural Enrichment and the City Engineer, and developed with extensive citizen engagement and community stakeholder input.  

In addition to the “what” and “where” components, the master plan will also address staffing and organizational structure, including a thorough analysis of contracted recreational services (YMCA).

Scope of work

The following scope of work is currently envisioned for this project.  Once a consultant is selected, they will work collaboratively with city staff to refine the scope prior to executing a contract for the work.

Inventory and Assessment

  • Develop a comprehensive inventory of the city’s existing parks and recreation facilities that will include the following:
    1. Park type and purpose
    2. Location
    3. Inventory of facilities and amenities
    4. Assessment of physical conditions and functionality
    5. Available programs and events
    6. Usage levels
    7. Maps of existing parks
    8. Maps illustrating pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular access to all city parks
  • Identify other existing city-owned properties that may be suitable for future parks
  • Review past plans, including the Comprehensive Plan, and provide a summary of previous planning efforts related to Parks and Recreation.

Community Engagement

  • Develop and implement a public engagement strategy to gather input from citizens, stakeholders, and city staff
  • Utilize equitable outreach and engagement methods to ensure a balanced assessment of the desires and needs of the entire community, including underserved populations.
  • Create and administer public surveys
  • Host and present at public meetings
  • Provide written records and summaries of the results of all public communications that can be shared with the public via online and hard copy formats
  • Community Engagement should continue throughout the plan development to build consensus and agreement on the plan

Priority Needs Assessment and Recommendation

  • Following the inventory and initial community engagement, identify high-priority and impactful capital improvements that can be included in the 2024/2025 budget cycle.
  • Prioritize additional capital improvements to be included in a long-term CIP
  • Identify shortcomings in the types of parks and programs available in the community
  • Evaluate the geographic distribution of existing parks and recreation facilities and identify gaps and underserved areas that warrant future parks.  
  • Consider existing city-owned properties and determine which could serve to meet future parks needs.  In underserved areas where no suitable city-owned properties exist, provide guidance for future land acquisition.
  • Develop a master plan for greenway trails and multi-use paths to provide connectivity among current and future parks.  Prioritize trail projects based on feasibility and partnership opportunities (Carolina Thread Trail with Gaston/Cleveland Counties; Gateway Trail)
  • Identify other opportunities for collaborative partnerships to maximize resources
  • Forecast and prioritize staffing needs and organizational changes to support current and future parks.

Final Master Plan Documents

  • Prepare a final master plan document, including an executive summary, supporting data, recommendations, implementation strategy, and maps/graphics for public consumption in online and hard copy formats.
  • Provide preliminary cost estimates for recommended improvements.
  • Present the final plan to City Council for approval.

At the completion of the project the selected consultant shall provide to the City of Kings Mountain digital copies of all data, photos, files, reports, and other documents collected and created during the master plan development, in editable formats when applicable.  The city utilizes ArcGIS Pro to manage GIS data.  The selected consultant will be expected to leverage this software’s capabilities maximize the usefulness of the master plan.  

SOQ Requirements

The SOQ should follow the format outlined in this section.  Submittals shall not exceed 20 pages including front and back cover, dividing tabs, and cover letter.  Page count does not include dividing tabs if used.  All pages shall be 8.5” x 11”.

  1. Cover Letter: A clear and concise introduction, which shall identify the firm’s primary contact person for the SOQ, acknowledge receipt of any amendments to the RFQ, and summarize why the city should select your firm for this project.
  2. Firm Profile:Provide the following information:
    1. Brief history of the firm,
    2. Location and contact information for the firm’s corporate headquarters,
    3. Location(s) and contact information for any branch office(s) that may be utilized for this project,
    4. Number of employees (overall and for each identified branch office),
    5. Type of ownership and parent company, if applicable, and any pending ownership changes,
    6. Identify any claim or litigation involving the firm within the last five years, or provide a statement that none exist
  3. Project Understanding and Approach: A detailed narrative that demonstrates an understanding of the city’s needs and describes how those needs will be met.  Identify services that are typically provided in-house by the firm’s local or North Carolina offices, services that are available from the firm’s out-of-state offices, and services for which a sub-consultant would be utilized.
  4. Qualifications and Experience:At least three relevant projects completed by the firm.   Include the following information for each listed project:
    1. Project description,
    2. Project start and completion dates (if ongoing, provide the current status and projected completion date),
    3. Scope of services provided by the consultant,
    4. Sub-consultants utilized (if any),
    5. Summary of the similarities to this project, and
    6. Name, title, email address, and phone number of Owner reference.
  5. Project Team: Identify all personnel, including sub-consultants that will be directly involved in the project.  Provide a brief resume for each team member which includes office location, general qualifications (education, professional registrations, certifications, etc.), years of experience (with current firm and other firms), role for this project, and role for any projects listed in the Qualifications and Experience section of the SOQ.
  6. Project Management and QA/QC: Briefly describe the firm’s procedures and processes for project management and quality assurance and quality control throughout all phases of a project.

Evaluation Criteria & Selection Process

SOQs will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Firm experience and reputation with regards to similar projects – 25%
  2. Project approach and understanding – 40%
  3. Qualifications and experience of the personnel assigned to this project – 25%
  4. Office location of project team members – 10%

SOQs will be evaluated by a selection committee comprised of city staff.  Following initial evaluation of the SOQs, the committee may conduct interviews with top candidates.  

Submittal Procedure

As soon as possible, please email  to indicate your firm’s interest in the project and intent to submit a SOQ.  Include the firm’s name and the name and email address of the main contact person for the SOQ.  

All questions related to the RFQ shall be via email to from the identified contact person.  The deadline for questions is 4:00 PM on October 6, 2023.

Submit the SOQ in pdf format via email to  and  no later than 12:00 PM on October 13, 2023.   No hardcopy submittal of the SOQ is required.  It is recommended that a link to download the SOQ be emailed in lieu of an email attachment.   No late proposals will be accepted.

Please note that any additional information or amendments to this RFQ will be posted to the RFQ website.  It is the responsibility of the consultant to monitor the site accordingly.

The consultant shall bare full responsibility for all costs incurred in the development and submittal of the SOQ, including costs associated with interviews.  All submissions shall become the exclusive property of the City of Kings Mountain and may be disclosed to third parties.

Project Schedule

RFQ Issue Date

September 11, 2023

Deadline for Questions on the RFQ

October 6, 2023 at 4:00 PM

Respond to Questions

October 13, 2023

SOQs Due

October 20, 2023 at 12:00 PM

SOQ Review, Consultant Selection, Contract Negotiation

October-November 2023

City Council Approval of Contract

November 28, 2023

Recommend High-Priority Projects to Consider for FY24/25 Budget

April 1, 2024

Master Plan Adopted by City Council

June 25, 2024


Contract Requirements

The city’s standard form of agreement is attached to this RFQ.  If your firm would object to any part of this agreement, please clearly state this in your cover letter, and provide a list of exceptions and proposed changes.  Firms that do not identify specific exceptions to the standard agreement will be expected to execute the agreement as-is if selected for this project.





             THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this the ____ day of _________, 20__, by and between the CITY OF KINGS MOUNTAIN, NORTH CAROLINA, a Municipal Corporation, hereinafter referred to as “CITY” and ________________, hereinafter referred to as “CONTRACTOR”,

W I T N E S S E T H :

             THAT WHEREAS, the City of Kings Mountain is desirous of contracting _________________________________.; and,

             THAT WHEREAS FURTHER, the City did seek a proposal from a vendor that would be available to provide this _____________; and,

             THAT WHEREAS, the Contractor did submit proposal to the City, and such also being the qualified bid received;

             THOSE WHEREAS FURTHER, the City does desire to enter into an agreement and further to accept the bid of the Contractor, for the purpose of providing the aforementioned ___________________ for the City

             THAT FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises and agreements of the parties as herein contained, the parties do enter into an agreement for the purpose of the Contractor to provide this service for the City, under the following terms and conditions:

 1.     That the Contractor shall _____________________ that is included in the proposal as submitted by the Contractor to the City in the amount of $_________ a copy of which is attached hereto and marked as “Exhibit A”, and is incorporated herein by reference as if fully set out.  

 2.     That this agreement for services by the Contractor may not be assigned, without the expressed written consent and permission of the City.

 3.     The City has a right to cancel contract at any time if work is performed unsatisfactorily and if vendor fails to maintain adequate liability, auto, & workman’s compensation insurance.

4.   This Contract shall begin on ___________, and shall end on ___________, unless sooner terminated.  Upon agreement by both parties the contract may be renewed annually thereafter.


The Contractor shall provide to the City of Kings Mountain certificates of insurance of the following minimum levels of insurance coverage. The City of Kings Mountain shall be additional named insured with no exceptions.

 -        Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

      (Including products and completed operations)

-     Bodily Injury        - 1,000,000 per Person

                                   - 2,000,000 Aggregate

 -     Property Damage  - 1,000,000 per Occurrence

 -     Auto Liability Insurance        - 100,000 per Claim

                                                    - 300,000 per Incidence

-     Workers Compensation Insurance as required by North Carolina law with the NC WC Statutory Limits checked.

The Contractor shall perform all work in accordance with state and federal safety regulations in regards to work zones, work areas, equipment, vehicles, tools and supplies.   The Contractor shall provide all necessary personal protective equipment to its employees, partners, agents, customers, invitees, Contractors and subcontractors (if not provided by contractors and subcontractors).  The Contractor shall provide all necessary and required work zone protective devices and traffic channeling devices as required under state and federal safety regulations.

 The ___________ Manager shall be given full access to inspect all aspects of the job, work zone, equipment, personal protective equipment and all areas and aspects of the job for compliance with State and Federal safety regulations.  Should the _______________ Manager identify any areas of concern the Contractor shall at his expense address these concerns to the satisfaction of the ____________ Manager.  Should the Contractor fail to remedy any identified safety concerns where feasible the ____________ Manager shall have functional authority to halt work until said safety concerns are corrected to the ___________ Manager’s satisfaction?

 Should the Contractor fail to remedy any verifiable safety concerns identified by the ____________ Manager, the City at its option may cancel any agreements, reserving for itself any remedies it may have for breach of contract.   

 Have a representative on the work site when a lower tier subcontractor is performing any work, even if no work is being performed by Contractor’s direct work forces.  This representative shall be responsible for assuring that applicable safety, health, and environmental rules and regulations are observed and in addition shall be responsible for responding to medical emergencies related to subcontractor’s employees or sub-subcontractors.

 Protect the safety and convenience of the general public.  Perform work as necessary to protect the general public from hazards.

 Construct and maintain satisfactory and substantial barriers with warning lights and proper signs as necessary or required for safety.

 E-Verify Requirements:

For construction and services, employers and their subcontractors with 25 or more employees in North Carolina as defined in Article 2 of charter 64 of the NC General Statues must comply with E-Verify requirements to contract with the City of Kings Mountain.  E-Verify is a Federal program operated by the US Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies, or any successor or equivalent program used to verify the work authorization of newly hired employees pursuant to federal law.

 Mediation Process:

1.     That the City of Kings Mountain shall have a dispute resolution process under N.C.G.S. Section 143-128 for construction contracts that are $15,000 or more.

2.     Contractor must submit a written request to the City of Kings Mountain for mediation of the dispute.

3.     The parties will select a mediator that is trained or experienced in the mediation process.

4.     Each party is responsible for paying the fee for their mediator.

5.     The mediation conference shall be held in Cleveland County.

6.     The agreement that is made shall be written and signed by mediators, City, and Contractor.

 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their hands and seals, the day and year first above-written.







                                                                                                City of Kings Mountain

                                                                                    By: _______________________________

                                                                                                  G. Scott Neisler, Mayor



       Karen Tucker, City Clerk

This instrument has been pre-audited in the manner required by the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act. 

                                                                                          By: ___________________________________

                                                                                              Chris Costner, Fiscal Services Officer



            I, a Notary Public for the County and State aforesaid, certify that ___________________ personally came before me this day and acknowledged that he/she is the President/Owner of ______________.

             Witness my hand and notarial seal, this the _______ day of ____________, 2023

 My Commission expires __________________                  ___________________________Notary Public 




             I, a Notary Public for the County and State aforesaid, certify that Karen Tucker personally came before me this day and acknowledged that she is the City Clerk for City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina and by authority duly given and as the act of the City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, the foregoing instrument was signed in its name by the Mayor of the City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, sealed with its corporate seal, and attested to by her as Acting City Clerk for the City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina

             Witness my hand and notarial seal, this the _______ day of ____________, 2023.

 My Commission expires __________________                             __________________________ Notary Public


Publication Date/Time:
9/13/2023 11:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
10/20/2023 12:00 PM
Addendum Date/Time:
October 11, 2023
Contact Person:
Matt Echols
Cathy Herring
Plan & Spec Available:
Cathy Herring
Business Hours:
City of Kings Mountain
Parks and Recreation Master Plan RFQ
October 11, 2023
Addendum No. 1
General Responses/Clarifications/Additional Information
1. There was an error on the original RFQ regarding the due date. Responses are
due October 20, 2023 at 12:00 PM.
2. Information on many existing facilities can be found here: Notable facilities absent from this list include:
a. Davidson Park, 215 N Sims Street
b. Community Center (YMCA), 211 Cleveland Avenue
c. Walking Track, 211 Cleveland Avenue
d. Ramseur Park, 998 Gantt Street
e. City Lake, 1146 York Road
f. Davidson Lake, 125 Police Club Drive
3. Previous studies, including the Bicycle Plan, Pedestrian Plan, and the
Comprehensive Plan 2040, can be found here:
4. Page Count: The 20-page limit includes all pages that are not blank. Dividing
tabs and back cover can be considered blank if they contain fewer than 20
Responses to Specific Questions
Is this project part of the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
(SCORP) requirement NO
Has a budget for this project been allocated? NO We intend to request a budget
amendment to fund the master plan.
Is the project wholly funded by the city or through a grant? City funded
Can you confirm full assessments and inventories are not anticipated/expected for
the nearby state parks? CORRECT
Are connectivity considerations and recommendations with the state parks and
other trail plans expected? YES
How many public meetings does the City anticipate for the Master Plan
Development? We do not have a specific number in mind.

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