Aging Program Advisory Board

About the Board:

The purpose of the Advisory Board shall be to initiate and/or improve, and to promote the programs, opportunities, and services offered to senior adults through the Patrick Senior Center.  The Advisory Board is responsible to the City of Kings Mountain and the Kings Mountain City Council. Responsibilities of the entire board are to make suggestions to the City Council with regard to new programs, classes, and services needed by senior adults, to promote participation in Senior Center activities through a variety of public relations methods, to review and evaluate the needs of senior adults to determine if the Senior Center or the Advisory Board can develop programs, activities or services to help meet these needs, to keep abreast of activities for senior adults throughout the community so they can keep participants informed of what is available, and to make recommendations to the City Council concerning staffing procedures, personnel and any other pertinent information regarding the Aging Program.



Regular meetings for this board will be held at least quarterly.  These meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday of the beginning of the quarter (July, October, January, April) at 12:00 Noon.  Location of these meetings are at the Patrick Senior Center.  If there is a conflict or problem with a particular meeting date, the date can be changed at the discretion of the President.  Special meetings of the Advisory Board may be called at the request of the President or any two members.

Agenda & Minutes:

Click here to view the agenda and  minutes for the Patrick Senior Center & Advisory Board


Membership on the Advisory Board shall be open to all persons who are interested in and concerned with the problems and well-being of older adults 60 years of age and over with 70% of the Advisory Board membership being 60 years old or over. The number of members shall not be less than twelve (12) and no more than seventeen (17) voting members. All persons who are interested in being a voting member of the Advisory Board should apply at City Hall or contact the Aging Program Director. Prospective members will be recommended to the Mayor by the Aging Program Director. The Mayor will then submit names to the Nominating Committee for consideration. After recommendation from the Mayor and approval of the Nominating Committee, the City Council shall approve the appointment of advisory members. Members of the Advisory Board shall serve for terms of three (3) years. One-third of the members shall be elected annually. After serving their initial term, members have the option to serve for a second consecutive term.

Member Name Position Term Expires
Reverend William Thompson President July 2026
Carl Morrow Vice-President July 2024
Cathleen (Cass) Roberts Secretary July 2024
Mattie Adams Member July 2024
Regena Baynard Member July 2024
Janet Beani Member July 2025
Robin Gibson Member July 2026
Betty Grant Member July 2025
Janie McVay Member July 2024
Tamra J. Moody Member July 2024
Jancy Patrick Member July 2026
Evelyn Pressley Member July 2025
Sharon Proctor Member July 2025
Charles Stephens Member July 2025
Beth McDaniel Member July 2026
Lee Ann Long Member July 2026