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The City of Kings Mountain Stormwater Services provides comprehensive management of the stormwater drainage system to protect our community and environment.

Everything that enters our stormwater system through catch basins and stormwater ditches travels through our system and is released unfiltered to the Catawba River Basin or the Broad River Basin.  These river basins provide drinking water and recreational waters for families downstream from us.

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Construction projects inside the City Limits of Kings Mountain are subject to the Stormwater rules of North Carolina.  For any project of 1 acre or more a Soil and Erosion Permit is required from NCDEQ prior to any earthmoving.  A City of Kings Mountain Stormwater Permit is also required and should be completed prior to any earthmoving.  


North Carolina has a post-construction stormwater permitting program designed to manage stormwater runoff.   This is separate from the construction permit, and is an evaluation of the operational stormwater practices and how they will be handled.  It consists of a permit application and supplemental SCM forms.  Projects inside the City Limits of the City of Kings Mountain are covered by the post-construction stormwater program and will need to adhere to the ordinances of the City of Kings Mountain’s stormwater program.  The City’s program includes annual maintenance and reports, and a rate schedule for stormwater discharge based on the creation of impervious surfaces.


(UPDATED: NOV 13, 2019)

The person responsible for any dog must remove feces deposited by the dog from any private property unless the owner of the property has given permission allowing such use of the property. Removal of animal feces is not just a courtesy, it is an environmental necessity.

When animal feces is not removed as required by law, rain water carries it into the storm drains. The City's Stormwater system is separate and does not treat water. This gravity-directed system merely carries Stormwater complete with litter, including animal feces, on its natural path to the creeks and streams that feed into the Catawba River and the Broad River  -- both of these rivers are a source of drinking water for our neighbors in North and South Carolina. 

The animal feces that you see going into that Stormwater drain will wind up in our creeks, streams and Rivers. This pollution leads to the development of oxygen-robbing algae and other problem organism which can cause fish kills and human health threats.


You can report mud in the road to us at 704-734-4501  

or call the

NCDEQ STOP MUD Hotline @ 1-866-STOPMUD (786-7683)

Doing Your Part

In order to help us keep our Stormwater from having a negative effect on the quality of water flowing to our downstream neighbors, and to help us meet the mandates of the Federal Clean Water Act, the City of Kings Mountain Stormwater Department asks that all yard waste (grass, weeds, flowers, limbs, and leaves) be placed behind the curb and out of gutters, ditches or roadway for collection. Leaves and grass must be bagged and placed behind curb except during Leaf Season which runs from Mid-October until Mid-February. We also ask that when cutting your grass, do not blow grass onto street or in ditch lines. If you use a lawn service, please advise them of these rules so that we can keep our Stormwater system clear and prevent flooding conditions which can occur when catch basins and ditch lines are covered by debris. 

If violations are found, a door hanger will be placed at the residents home to make them aware of these rules.  Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in keeping our Stormwater system clean.

Winter Weather

When a winter storm is predicted you can help us by removing obstacles, such as basketball goals, vehicles, etc. from the roadway.  This will allow us to spread brine (see Winter Weather page) or plow snow without damage to personal property or our vehicles. 

Doing Our Part

The City Stormwater Department was established November 26, 2013 to meet the terms of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act or "Clean Water Act" reorganized and expanded by Congress in 1972.


LEAF SEASON 2022-2023
October 1, 2023  thru February 15, 2024

Yard Waste Collection Guide

To help keep our City safe and attractive, The City collects yard waste from residential properties located in the City on a rotating bi-weekly basis.  The City collects waste resulting from routine residential yard maintenance including, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, small limbs, trimmings, and small shrubs.   In order to continue providing service in a safe, effective, and timely manner, the City needs residents to help by following our policies and guidelines.  Please take a moment to look over this guide.

Placing Yard Waste Curbside

From Oct 1- February 15- Yard waste should be placed at the curb for collection by 7:30 a.m. on your scheduled route day. Raked into a pile and left loosely on the curbside.  Do NOT bag any leaves or place them over the curbside into the street (this causes drainage to become clogged).  When using the area between the roadway and the sidewalk, the sidewalk should not be covered. The City will only remove yard waste that is placed on the City’s easement (Reference: In front of your water meter or electric poles) by using a vacuum system.

From February 16 - Oct 1- All clippings and leaves must be bagged and placed curbside for collection by hand.

Yard waste MUST be separated by type.  Please take particular care to separate grass clippings, leaves, which are collected by a vacuum truck, from branches and trimmings, which are collected by hand.

Bi-weekly the City can only collect a single pile of twigs, small limbs, and trimmings from each home.  The entire pile may not exceed ten (5) feet long, ten (5) feet in width, and four (5) feet in height.  The City shall assist homeowners in removing larger piles of yard waste at residential areas only and must be requested and approved by the Public Works Director and shall be billed at a rate of $50 per half-hour (30 minutes).  Prices will be quoted and paid in full prior to work being performed by the City. Rates may be subject to change.

Items we can NOT collect:

Limbs exceeding four (4) inches in diameter or five (5) feet in length.

Stumps, tree trunks, large branches, large shrubs and other yard waste generated by land clearing and similar activities such as clearing large areas of underbrush from natural or unmaintained areas.

Tree and shrubbery branches, limbs and trimmings cut by landscape and tree service contractors or other commercial workmen. 

Yard waste that is co-mingled with other yard waste or is contaminated with non-yard waste like: rocks, dirt, sand, gravel, and mulch which can damage our collection equipment.

This guide highlights some of our yard waste collection policies: a full copy is online at  Our policies intend to keep our City’s yard waste collection service running safely, effectively, and in a timely manner.  It is essential City crews are able to arrive at your home, safely and quickly collect your yard waste, and move on to other homes. The attached schedule will be adhered to and only altered due to weather or equipment failure. During our heavy season, normally October-January, the route could be approximately three to four weeks.  Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation.   Please direct all questions to the Public Works Department at 704-734-0735.

CATCH BASINS                

The Department runs a street sweeper to keep the city streets as clean as possible and thus keeping debris out of the Stormwater system.  

The Department has established a schedule to check and clean the catch basins throughout the City. If you see a catch basin (storm drain) that is covered with or filled with debris please give us a call at the number shown. Grass clippings or leaves should never be placed into, on, or near a catch basin. Leaves and grass clippings placed in the roadway or gutter will be carried by the water into the storm drain during a rain event and therefore should never be placed in the roadway or gutter. If you observe anyone putting anything into a catch basin please give us a call.  Only rain should go down the storm drain.

We have begun a survey of the City Stormwater System to locate and identify all ditches and water conveyances for which we are responsible. We will be prioritizing any of these conveyances which need maintenance and will be working to bring them up to City standards. We are making every effort to do this in a timely manner, and we appreciate your patience.