Report Stormwater Pollution

Call us at 704-734-4501, or report via email.

You may also contact the Division of Water Quality directly at 888-STOPMUD to report violations of the state's Sediment and Erosion Control laws.

What to Include in a Report
When contacting us please leave as much information as possible.
  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • Location*
  • Source and type of pollution (if known)
  • Responsible party (if known)
  • Your contact information **
* We cannot take reports for violations that occur outside the city limits.

** It is helpful to have your contact information in case we need to get more information of follow up with you about the report.

Reportable Issues
  • Examples of what you can report:
  • Foam, bubbles, or a milky appearance in a ditch or waterway
  • A strange odor coming from a storm drain
  • Spilled or dumped auto fluids (motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc) or chemicals (paint, cleaners, etc) on the street or into a storm drain
  • Wastewater piped to a creek or ditch (i.e. from a washing machine, floor drain)
  • Washing equipment in the street using chemicals
  • Sediment flowing off a construction site
Note: We cannot enforce pet waste complaints that occur on private property

Thank you for keeping Kings Mountain Waterways clean and healthy!