Economic Development

        A business expansion, relocation or start-up in Kings Mountain puts your enterprise in the heart of a dynamic, economically vibrant region - a location with many profitable advantages for businesses.

         A steady influx of new residents moving to the area each year keeps the city 's business and social structure fresh and vibrant. This is an easy town for making fresh starts and leaving a mark on a company or on the community.

         Kings Mountain has a long-standing tradition of public-private cooperation. City leaders work closely with the private sector when planning development and carrying out large projects for the good of Kings Mountain.

         We take pride in our city. Our streets are clean, well paved and landscaped. Buildings, particularly office and new industrial parks, reflect high architectural standards. We plan for and incorporate public spaces that enhance quality of life and give harried workers places to pause.

         By jointly working to attract new businesses and provide award-winning programs for citizens, Kings Mountain offers a robust, thriving community ready to roll out the welcome mat for your business.

Economic Development Incentive Program:

Economic & General Development Project Contacts

Name Position
Jim Palenick City Manager
Ricky Duncan
Water and Sewer Department (Pre-treatment and Availability)
Clint Houser
Codes Department (Permits, Technical Review)