What is a "smart meter"?
Smart meters send out your utility readings through wireless two-way communication, eliminating the need for someone to come out and read your meter. They allow us to proactively detect and resolve utility service issues. They also allow you the customer to utilize our portal and look at your own utility data. This technology will provide you the customer, a better understanding of what you are consuming, when you are consuming it, and help you efficiently use your utilities. It is the city's goal to partner with our customers in providing safe, reliable, and efficient utilities through smart meter solutions.

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1. What is a "smart meter"?
2. Is it harmful (radio frequency)?
3. Does this invade my privacy?
4. Can anyone else see my consumption?
5. Can a smart meter help me reduce my utility cost?
6. Do I have to participate in the Smart Meter Program?
7. Whom do I call if I have questions with my consumer portal?
8. Is there a user's guide available for customers?